Free SharePoint Master Pages

Our Sharepoint design team has provided these Sharepoint master pages for you as a free download.

As we are working on a few new designs, new master pages could be posted at any time.  Either check back frequently for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.  Click on the SharePoint Branding Updates link in the left hand navigation and provide your First Name, Last Name and email address. 

The Grayscale Master Page provides a site structure, color scheme and many navigational changes.  The theme is simple and clean, allowing for content to win out over design. 

SharePoint Version:   Free Sharepoint Masterpage
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The Blue Master Page is a simple layout and color scheme that demonstrates how SharePoint can be extended beyond the default functionality provided by Microsoft. 

SharePoint Version:  
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The Bronze Master Page is both sleek and stylist; this design makes for a sophisticated twist on SharePoint. The color scheme is bronze, white with a subtle gray background.  This is sure to impress your management team.

SharePoint Version:  
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Having Download Issues?
If you have difficulty downloading these free Sharepoint master pages, make sure that your popup blocker is turned off.  If you still cannot download the master page, then modify your Internet Settings.
Open up a browser > Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Custom Level >
Under the downloads section, enable the following two options:
  - Automatic prompting for file downloads
  - File download

These free Sharepoint master pages are not supported by Expert Sharepoint Consulting. They are intended to provide an example of what can be done with master page development using Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and other development tools.

Custom SharePoint Master Page Design
If these free Sharepoint Master Pages don't meet your needs, you can also Purchase Office 365 Master Pages or Purchase MOSS Master Pages from our premium catalog. If those still don't meet your needs, give us a call.  We can discuss your branding requirements and our experience creating custom Sharepoint master pages tailored to a clients needs. 

Sharepoint Master Pages or Themes?
Not sure if you should use Master Pages or Themes? If you are not familiar with the pros and cons about using Master Pages or Themes, you may want to take a look at our SharePoint Master Pages vs. Themes.