Purchase SharePoint Master Pages

Our Sharepoint desgin team has created these Sharepoint master pages that you can buy and download.  The Sharepoint master pages available for purchase are somewhat more advanced in design than those we make available for free.

As we are working on a few new designs, new master pages could be posted at any time.  Either check back frequently for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.  Click on the SharePoint Branding Updates link in the left hand navigation and provide your First Name, Last Name and email address. 

Gray Rainbow Master Page              $150
The Gray Rainbow Master Page offers a swirl of yellow, orange and red colors accented with gray. This design is cheery yet subdued enough for professional use. 

SharePoint Version:   Purchase Sharepoint Master Page
Sublime Master Page                       $150
The Sublime Master Page has a black, gray, orange and green color scheme.  In this design the Quick Launch area extends through the site banner for a unique design.

SharePoint Version:   Purchase Sharepoint Master Page
Simple Blue Master Page                $150
The Simple Blue Master Page offers a simple blue, white and gray color scheme.  The diagonal design keeps the page visually appealing and avoids looking boring.

SharePoint Version:   Purchase Sharepoint Master Page

Black Cherry Master Page               $99
The Black Cherry Master Page offers a simple black and marroon color scheme.  Equally as tasty as a Thomas Kemper Old Fashion Black Cherry Soda, this master page both functional and an attractive design.

SharePoint Version:   Purchase Sharepoint Master Page

Limeade Master Page                     $99
The Limeade Master Page provides a crisp, modern layout complete with an energizing color scheme and navigational modifications.  Who doesn't love a dazzling lime and hunter green color scheme?

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Executive Master Page                     $99
The Executive Master Page provides a clean, contemporary layout complete with a soothing color scheme and navigational modifications. The theme is based on a sleek executive design.

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If you need assistance with any of these Sharepoint Master Pages, you can purchase 2 hours of support for $300.

Custom SharePoint Master Page Design
If these Master Pages don't meet your needs, give us a call.  We can discuss your specific branding requirements and our experience creating custom master pages tailored to a clients needs.

Sharepoint Master Pages or Themes?
Not sure if you should use Master Pages or Themes? If you are not familiar with the pros and cons about using Master Pages or Themes, you may want to take a look at our SharePoint Master Pages vs. Themes page.