SharePoint Branding Expert Consultants

Many clients ask us, “how do I make the SharePoint layout closer to the look of my website?”, or “how do I jazz up the default SharePoint site templates?” “Our SharePoint site is in need of an extreme makeover. Can you help?”
SharePoint Branding Services
Our Sharepoint Designers offer complete visual customization and branding services by talented visual designers who are experts in the not-so-intuitive science of applying outstanding visual designs to SharePoint. We can help your SharePoint customization project with custom:
  • Place standard content like address and copyright information on one page
  • Achieve a professional and stylistic look to your site collection with your standard logos, color scheme, and fonts
  • Customize toolbars and navigation options for all sites
  • Overlay with page layouts to provide more look and feel flexibility
  • Force child sites to inherit the top level branded site layouts
Our SharePoint Branding Consultants have wide experience on branding SharePoint sites with a high degree of user interface customization for out-of-the-box web parts and custom web parts. Our SharePoint Site Branding consultants can create a custom “skin” for your portal or WSS sites based on your design concepts, ideas, or just to match your public website. Our SharePoint Site Branding team has a sound understanding of style sheets, site templates, master pages and Sharepoint settings that define the look and feel of a site.
Master Page Design
We have a selection of stock master pages available for your use. 

A master page is a tailored page, built on ASP.NET technology, and is what our designers use to create a “skin” for defined pages of a SharePoint site collection and given them a uniform appearance using inheritance. Master pages work with content pages to deliver a consistent look and feel to any content page type used within an applied site collection. Our Sharepoint Branding Consultants use Visual Studio and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer With master pages to provide a unique look and feel to a site changing color schemes, logos, fonts, and styles. The master page is also where our Sharepoint Site Designers place items that are shared by all current and future pages, such as navigational controls, company contact information, copyright notices, etc.
SharePoint Consulting – We’re Flexible
Our SharePoint Consultants conduct design and deployment engagements for organizations that are as small as a few dozen employees to large enterprises. From planning and technical design to implementation, we can assist you with all phases of a SharePoint project.  Give us a call today to discuss your design needs.
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