Technical and Business Requirements Gathering

Our pre-implementation technical consulting services maximize your chances for project success as we strive to provide you with a solution that compliments your pre-existing business processes. It is our experience that workgroups must have a clear vision of the business goal, and newly introduced technologies must be complimentary to day to day operations.  Ease of use is also important.  With the understanding of the project’s goals and constraints beforehand, we help establish baselines critical for  formal planning of both function and access. We take time to better understand the business processes that influence your technologies and then assist you with clarifying and documenting your desired technology results.  This allows for greater efficiency, visibility, and control.

By working with us, you will be provided experienced, proven technology consultants that will meet with the appropriate staff members, in groups or individual sessions, to capture your organization’s vision, goals, and objectives for your SharePoint solution. The output of this task is a business requirements document that defines: (1) your organization’s vision for SharePoint; and (2) the project’s purpose, scope, and direction for the remainder of the project.

Topics to be covered will include:
§ Business Processes and Procedures
§ SharePoint Requested Functionality
§ Site Branding
§ SharePoint Access Rights and Permissions
§ Collaboration Management
§ Document Management
§ InformationManagement
§ Business Intelligence
§ Deployment Strategies
§ Industry Collaboration Best Practices
§ Knowledge Transfer Techniques
§ Branding Requirements