Setting Security and Permissions

Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server are feature rich applications that require the implementation of a sound security model. With it, users can share business information with only the people that have the authorization to view selected content. Our experienced consultants are trained on understanding your security concerns and implementing a SharePoint security strategy that cover both your internal and external users.

When planning a SharePoint security model, there are two core considerations:

SharePoint Authentication
With security login requirements varying from company to company, it is important to select the appropriate authentication option for SharePoint so users can be readily identified and allowed to view their selected sites, pages, sections and web parts.

SharePoint Permissions
Once identified as an authenticated SharePoint user to your sites, perhaps the most obvious use of security in SharePoint is to regulate the actions and access rights of both individual users and groups. Individual domain users and groups can be provided access rights profiles to SharePoint sites either individually or by adding the user or group to a SharePoint site group profile with pre-configurable permissions.